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collins, a professor at the university of washington law school. he told me he was interested in doing a book about my views about certain aspects of the first amendment, different sortings -- sorts of cases, how i thought the courts ought to analyze first amendment cases, and he asked me for speeches i'd begin and arguments i'd been engaged in and the like, and i sent him many more than he wanted, i think, but certainly many more than he thought that i had, and he called me up one day saying, i have an idea, why don't you publish these? you put together what you think are the most interesting and continuing relevant speeches or articles or opinions or the like that you're involved with, and i said, no, too busy. i don't want to spend time rereading things i said 30 years ago, but it can be tempts to reread what you write, and i did start to look through articles that i had written and letters i'd written, and book reviews that i'd written and the like, and so i started to put together a book which sort of spanned 40 years of law and my life in it, but also and only on topics i thought
at the department will when it comes to enforcing immigration laws will become entangled in politics over legislation that has broad bipartisan support. >> reporter: yesterday, he didn't do much to convince republicans that immigration reforms will be fully enforced. >> it is propos ter us to suggest delay in implementation of provision of law is anything unusual. >> reporter: senator john mccain was more forceful. >> new or old secretary of homeland security will not have that kind of latitude, if you believe, your opposition to this law is that the government will not enforce that law, then we shouldn't pass any laws. >> reporter: instead of one massive immigration plan which the senate passed, the house is working on a series of bills to deal with border security, interior enforcements, guest workers, high tech psychiatrist. cantor and bob goodlatte are looking on an act for the children of illegals. goodlatte signals they could get a path to citizenship. >> i and other members are open minded to the idea they should have a way to come out of the shadows, to be able to work, to have th
to the egyptian military's removal of president morsi as a coup. by law that would trigger automatic freezes of $1.3 billion in u.s. aid to the egyptian military. president obama did not mention the rapidly changing situation in egypt on america's independence day when he addressed the soldiers and their families invited to the white house. even though he and his national security staff had been huddled in the situation room on july fourth, determining what the u.s. response should be to the removal and arrest of president morsi. the african union ejected egypt from its ranks following what it termed a coup. >> i would keep the aid flowing, particularly to the military, where we have the most leverage, and you know, all, all of this talk about why the administration can't call it a coup, you know, can't speak the truth, really conceals the fact that in virtually all of our foreign assistance legislation there's a presidential waiver power. >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers are on a week-long recess for the july fourth holid holiday which buys the administration some time. shortly after morsi'
. >> no cops, no guns. >> four patience will be tested but law enforcement has your backs. >> no need to act up. >> let it roll off your shoulders and not off your back. >> let's make the choice and raise your voice and not your head. >> law enforcement does have your back. gregg: this video clip titled raise your voice, not your hands. zimmerman's attorney says he is concerned for his client's safety. martha: was the judge -- was judge nelson out of line with zimmerman's defense yesterday when she kept going directly to zimmerman and asking him, do you want to take the stand in this case. but what can we expect when she charged the jury with their instructions whether she'll give them the option of choosing lesser charges against zimmerman. this is a crucial decision. judge janine shapiro weighs in later in the program. i weren't wait to hear what she has to say. greg * a stunning look into the outrageous spending habits of the federal government, its own watchdog, the gao, the government accountability office says it's literally flying bliewnld. it finds federal agencies wasting $100 billion
in the white house. >> we have a problem. the laws governing immigration system aren't working. the system is broken. we are now in an important debate reforming those laws. and that is good. i don't tend to get involved in the politics or the specifics of policy, but i do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate. lou: president obama's press secretary jay carney taking a different approach today essentially blaming his bosses support for the gang of eight bill and the house's reluctance to hold a vote. >> i know it annoys them that he is in office, let's just accept that. but this isn't about him. the reason why we have the progress we have seen is in no small measure because of the support the president has put behind immigration reform of the advocacy he engaged in throughout the campaign and throughout his first term, but it is not about him. >> it is not about him, although it was about him, but the communications department at the white house struggling with the language, most americans learned last year's possession campaign conservatism to prevail, far more than a balanced
. >> whave a problem. the laws governing the immigration system aren't working. the system is broken. we're now in an important debate reforming those laws. and that's good. in the politics or the specifics of policy. but i do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate. >> president obama's press secretary jay carney taking different approach, essentially blaming his boss's support for e senate gang of 8 bill and the house's reluctance to hold a vote. >> i know that it annoys them th he's in office. let's justccept that and posit that. this isn't about that. the reon why we have the progress that we've seen is in no small measure because of the support the president has put behind comprehensive immigration reform, in no small measure because of the advocacy he engaged inhroughout the campaign and throughout his first term. but it is not about m. >> so it is not about him. although it was about him, but it isn't. the communations department at the white house struggling with the language. momost americans learned in las year's presidential campaign that for conservatism to prevail,
, first to the white house. breaking news on the health care law as we get a major announcement from the health and human services secretary. plus, we have that tropical storm, chantal, as it barrels towards haiti, threatening to bring rain and flooding and possibly landslides. and we're also watching the latest developments unfolding in a florida courtroom where george zimmerman is on trial for murdering unarmed teenager trayvon martin. today a major blow to the defense. >>> but first, right now brand new stories and breaking news. jon: one of the nation's most-wanted fugitives on trial in boston, whitey bulger accused in 19 killings. we have the latest on what's going on in that case including why the accused mobster exploded in the courtroom. >>> and in that same courthouse the victims of the boston marathon bombings coming face to face today with the accused attacker. one woman whose two sons lost limbs in the bombing plans to be there. we will talk to her this hour. >>> and crews out west battling a wildfire that's burning dangerously close to a lot of homes. it's all "happening
-gathering organization. t act, other authorities they can get vast amounts of information. including the data ofing law-abiding americans, something that raised concerns, i know, among my fellow vermonters. so do you believe the bulk b collection of metadata for domestic telephone calls or e-mails is appropriate even when the majority of individuals with whom the calls or e-mails associated are law-abiding americans? -abiding americans? >> senator, i'm not familiar with the details of the current programs. obviously, i haven't been cleared for anything like that and i've been out of government for eight years. do i know as a general matter the collection of data is a valuable tool in counterterrorism. >> let me ask you this. we're going to be in this committee very shortly reviewing again some of the aspects of this. if you're confirmed will you work with me -- i'm not asking you for a commitment on a particular piece of legislation but work with me to enact some common sense improvements to our surveillance laws? >> certainly, senator, i would be happy to work with you. >> i worry that again as i said
should have had a plan. we should've had a plan for law enforcement. we should've gone on tv and said qiat if the work with the ira government, continue to go to work because you have a job. this, something i want to explore is what is the difference between what happened in germany and japan post-world saw in iraq?at we is it reasonable to expect any kind of development aid of ground that can succeed in a highly unstable environment? >> that is a core lesson from that youafghanistan must have sufficient security before engaging in substantial rebuilding reconstruction activity and development and aid. that costs us billions of dollars and too many lives. we issued a report last summer lives were lost while individuals were involved in reconstruction related at tivoli. better planning and better capacity and better integration among the agencies would have averted the kind of things that we saw. and implement effective oversight. that way you could be averted in syria. >> thank you. our occupation in germany and japan excepted -- succeeded because our residents was a -- presence was a
because of one incidence that's over. raise your voice and not your hand. >> i'm scottie israel and law enforcement does have your back. >> the video is in the broward county facebook twitter and youtube. they have also sent this out to a number of television and radio stations in florida trying to get them to play the video as well, shep. >> shepard: but broward county, that is in south florida. that's the fort lauderdale area. this is central florida. why is that? >> yeah, well, partly because trayvon martin's family kind of lives right there on the broward-dade county line. the broward county sheriff's office says they are not expecting any violence, but they are preparing for this, the same way they would prepare for a hurricane, which is to be very proactive. that's what they are saying. now, they are also working with the sanford police department in central florida but the seminole county sheriff's office, which is where the trial is being held, says they have their own plan. and aside, shep, from the video, the broward county sheriff is also talking with city leaders as well as
government to step in and do something about it. despite the city's tough gun laws, chicago cops are recovering illegal guns at nine times the rate of their counterparts in new york city. that's nearly three times the number of weapons in a city 1/3 the size. these outrageous numbers call for nothing short of a federal response. we need a renewed effort at the federal level to prosecute gun traffickers who put illegal weapons in the hands of gang members. we need to give our law enforcement the tools they need to put these guys away. last year chicago ranked last among federal jurisdictions in federal gun prosecutions. this is simply unacceptable. gun traffickers should know if you traffic illegal weapons in the city of chicago you'll be spending a long time in a federal penitentiary. we cannot let these criminals be charged with mere paperwork violations. i welcome the nomination of as ry fartherin -- fardin special prosecutor and to prosecute more of these cases. we need to give law enforcement the tools and funding they need to do so. that means finally passing a federal lawm
: five days after more cis was removed, at odds a $1.3 billion in military assistance and the u.s. law that says it must be suspended if the military remove as democratically elected president. >> we think it would not be in the best interests of the united states to do that. we are reviewing our obligation under the law. >> reporter: john mccain disagrees. >> i believe we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and free and fair election. >> reporter: mccain says morsi was a terrible president but the u.s. should not be supporting a coup. in a bit of a role reversal, mccain is backed up by the "washington post" which says u.s. must suspend aid. and oohe's challenged by the "wl street journal". the issue divides republicans and democrats on capitol hill. patrick leahy says the law is clear and requires a cutoff. but tennessee republican bob corker says that's not our priority. >> what we should be doing right now is urging calmness, urging the military to move through this civilian process as quickly as possible. >> reporter: president obama's critics say by
implementation for the part's increasingly controversial health care law. it seems one of the big revenue generators a surcharge on smokers falls under the category of easier said than done. chief international correspondent jim engel with obama care that may go up in smoke. >> one more delay in implementation of the health care law, this one dealing with the penalty for smokers. >> the way the law works is that inge su inge surers are able to charge people up to 50% for a surcharge. >> they can charge a lifetime smoker -- the law also limits the difference insurers can charge the young versus the old to three to one. and now the administration says it's computers cannot deal with any difference in the smoker's penalty. >> because of the way the it systems are structures, it limits how much variation there can be in the surcharge for older smokers versus younger smokers. >> can't do that because it will run afoul of our computer systems. >> which means either insurers char lifelong smokers less or young smokers a lot more. >> they apply it across the board so boetz younger and older smoke
more exercise. plus at the white house announced it will delay the health care law employer mandate for business, senate republicans have sent a letter to president obama urging him to delay the entire law for all americans. we will speak with one of the authors of the letter about this new push coming up. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hotel. tell 'em why. free breakfast with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding. jenna: a new study finding while americans are exercising more it hasn't done much to slim our waistline. what about that? >> this is from an online journal, it is called population health metrics. even though we are more physically active, we are exercising more, obesity is still a major problem. over the last decade men and women are doing a good job of getting the right amount of exercise. 59.2% of women, 51.2% of men. as a whole we are eating more. the extra time we are spending at the gym is not enough to offset the extra calor
laws? we briskly -- was that the problem? >> given the complexity with our relationship with the arab world even as saddam's statue came down, i believe we had a chance that we could have established legitimacy. if we get smart, we would establish law and order which we had the capacity to do. as you said, we would welcome those who were in the government to continue working. there are many fundamental mistakes that we made. mistakes because we were not sufficiently sensitive to the culture or the location. even had we done everything right, you rock was -- the rack was much more difficult than germany or japan. president roosevelt made the critical decision not to remove the emperor of japan and the emperor of japan said to the japanese people cooperate with the americans. we have no such motion ship in iraq. >> you're suggesting the should've left saddam hussein as president? >> no, we took out tojo in japan. >> i understand what you're saying. >> i thank you for that question and as we look forward to a very important questions and we are very naÏve if we think we will not have to
:00, including the ongoing battle of the health-care reform law. >> thanks to obamacare, we can now afford the care we need. >> that is just one of the advertisements released about the law designed to increase coverage for americans. >> your metabolism slows down as you age, but are there ways to boost its? >> well, the battle of the health-care reform laws will be hitting the air this week. >> can i really trust the folks in washington with my family's health care? >> that is part of an advertisement that aired on the food network and on nbc, specifically during "law & order otherand there were advertisements discussing the benefits of the law. they are targeting young mothers. the affordable care act was upheld by the u.s. supreme court last summer, and among other things, it requires companies with more than 50 full-time workers to offer benefits by january, or they have a fine of $2,000 per employee. tonight's medical alert, one out of eight american couples struggles with infertility, and 1.1 million american women undergo fertility treatments each year, and now, there is a technique
and will be punish fod the full extent of the law. >> we're going to continue working with the survivors. i think they have all of the records and all of the evidence to convict this individual. >> in other news today the white house is honing in on immigration specifically trying to push house republicans to take action on comprehensive reform. the administration has released a 32-page report making the case for reform in terms of boosting the economy and reducing the deficit, terms that republican lawmakers may be able to digest. in specifics, it reads that reform will grow the economy by 3.3% and bring down the deficit by close to $8850 billion over the next -- by close to $850 billion over the next 20 years. we're back after the break. actually mean it. >> you're putting out there something that you're proud of. journalists want the the story and they want the right story and the want the true story. >> you can say anything here. >> i spent a couple of hours with a hooker. >> your mistake was writing a check. >> she never cashed it! >> the war room. >> compared to other countries with tighter
: in the late 70's, if you watched "paper>>gre it to law school. >> i was a perry mason guy. >>brian: what about "iron side"? did that come up? >>steve: not sure. meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on on capitol hill regarding obamacare. as you know, it was voted on a couple of years ago. it did pass. but it still has not been completely implemented. last week the extraordinarily once again the administration said that the business element of the mandate where businesses would be required to provide insurance would not go into effect when it's supposed to. essentially they're changing the law. but there's some republicans who are saying you know what? let's go ahead and suspend the individual mandate where people have to either buy it or pay a fine for a year as well. >>gretchen: that makes sense. if you're going to allow businesses to get off on this, so to speak, then why not allow the average citizen? because quite honestly, it's probably more expensive for the average citizen to have to try to come up with the money for this than for a business to have to come up with the money. >>bria
the law -- the obama administration is committed to a long-term strategic partnership with afghanistan. the senate foreign relations committee focused on the military transition in afghanistan. the hearing lasted about two hours. >> good morning. this hearing will come to order. today's hearing on afghanistan comes not too soon. u.s. troops are still based there. the transitions in 2014 just around the corner. now is the time to take stock in our efforts and make any necessary changes. given recent speculation about our intentions, this means the united states needs to make clear once again that we are committed to a long-term partnership with afghanistan. that me be clear. i believe this is a fundamental point. as long as the afghan people and their government wants the united states as a partner. , we do not intend to leave afghanistan along. we will continue with assistance post-2014. i am aware there is a deep- seated anxiety in the region as to what the u.s. troop presence will look like. i heard it when i was in afghanistan and pakistan early this year. i know senator bob corker
it is time to pay up and they don't have time for the democratic process or the rowel of law. they raised a ton of money for the democrats and they want special interest that is owed to them. >> strong words. joined by host of power play. stewart varny anchor of varny and company. two fantastic people to explain what this means. we'll go to chris first, in terms of what the nuclear option means for the president. >> you could hear the minority leader like daring harry reid. you bring it down here, if you do it once, this was discussed when senate democrats were blockading the nominees to federal courts. we can change the senate rowels to confirm a nominee. one majority vote to say that every vote has to be a nominee and you do it and you lose the next round of elections which the democrats may next year, you will find that the minority is less powerful and starts to be irrelevant on the next issues. harry reid has to weigh a choice of the union groups, that very, very important to his one time looked improblemable reelection in 2010 and what liberals want with the national labor relations
today in the trial of george zimmerman.ç local law enforcement is ready. releasing a video urging the public to stay calm. >> plus used to be a place where sin and skin were common. this morning meet the artist whose naked art is one of the biggest draws in times square. >> in "the skinny," more bad behavior from the biebs. this time though we think he has really outdone himself. it's thursday, july 11th. >>> from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good thursday morning, everybody. >> yeah, the biebs video in "the skinny" is what was he thinking? >> could you tell what he was doing? >> could you tell? if you couldn't, stay tune. because it's pretty bad. let's get started. >>> okay, we begin this half-hour with the first court appearance by the boston bombing suspect. >> police officers, family members who lost loved ones and survivors packing the courtroom. abc's pierre thomas was there. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev arrived at federal court under extreme security with divers even checking nearby waterways for bombs. he walked into the courtro
impose your will on another human being, whether you have a fancy written law to justify it, a shiny badge or a government gun. it doesn't justify imposing your will on someone else by force. we want to fight back against that. we want to mark the high tide, the high water mark of government. we want to turn the tide by inspiring people to assert their self-ownership and we are going to stop the criminals in d.c. we are not the criminals. we are the law-abiding peaceful people who want to stand up for what is righteous and just. >> reporter: adam kokesh was discharged from the marines in 2007 for wearing his uniform during an anti-war protest. again, the 31-year-old iraq war veteran behind bars, locked up at fairfax county detention center charged with drug and firearm possession according to our sister radio station wnew. i'm working to confirm those charges, waiting on a call back from park police. as soon as i get that information, we'll pass it along you to. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia reporting live from freedom plaza. >>> the mother of an 8 poaldz baby who died ---month
? the irs is charged with enforcing that law. how does it play out with the gop in weeks to come? >> we are into the budget season now. republicans will be focusing on that. they will be dealing with the different elements of the budget and the upcoming debt ceiling increase. one of the things on the table is the irs and the funding of the irs. this factors into all of that. why should the irs get more money? dagen: how do you think that ends up working out? how do you think it plays out between the gop? >> i think there will be some sort of stipulations on the irs. i bet, eventually, the agencies will get the dollars. just by looking at how capitol hill has operated before. you are right about obamacare. it hinges on the ability of the irs. connell: in terms of the irs, when do we get answers about what really went on there? things -- you talk about the budget season. things have a tendency to fall by the wayside. >> they have pledged to continue their investigation into the irs. they are demanding that danny warhol come back up and present another report. the last one, if you remember
to be violating the law by giving away this information it's not like he was some sort of wizard. this was obvious. cenk: i don't think that's a vyings of the espionage act either. i think the distinction is a very good one and on this show, jayar and i have been saying don't say things about what we're doing to other countries don't do it, it's a bad idea. it's not like he gave it to the russians or chinese and said here's our guys and what we were doing to you and here are the specifics behind it. in fact, hong kong basically kicked him out and said get the hell out. now russia is saying get out of here. >> it's whistle blowing in the first place. it's the way that our country or secrecy part of our country can approach this saying the nature of whistle blowing and now he has to republican because of it and now we are going to punish you for it is going to lead you to give up other secrets that are damaging to say negotiations in some countries or them just being angry at us. you need somewhere to lay your head or at least to sit your behind down somewhere while you're running from -- cenk: part
blocking enforcement of new abortion laws requiring doctors have hospital admitting privileges if they perform abortions. >>> another setback for young sarah murnaghan. less than a month after receiving a second replacement lungs the 10-year-old girl developed pneumonia. her mother says after a very rough day her daughter is now more stable. last month a judge issued an order allowing sarah to be placed on the adult donor list. >>> finally, here we go, this say man's man, a fish tale, talk about the one who didn't get away. this guy's wife wanted fish for dinner so he jumped in the lake and catches a rainbow trout. we cannot confirmed if he caught the fish or pulled a fast one. lots of folks online are debating whether this is true or if it's just a really good fake. our resident fisherman chris cuomo here to respond. >> i use a pole. >> as do most fishermen or a net or a combo. >> i think it's cool and debate it all you want. looks cool to me. >> still good stuff. hope they had a good dinner. >>> let's do our political gut check coming straight out of washington first up, pres
. they are waiting. he is not waiting to do the job, he is in office. the question is -- do we respect the law? a federal court has said that two nlrb members were illegally appointed. mr. cordrey was appointed on exactly the same day in exactly the same way. is it the senate completely lawless? do we not care what the federal courts say? i am just stunned at what radar. -- at where we are. all of the other nominees are likely to be confirmed. what it comes down to is the majority leader is owing to break the rules of the senate to change the rules of the senate in order to confirm the 51 votes, three illegally appointed positions. the federal courts and told us break the rules of the senate to there unconstitutionally appointed. that is the rationale for the option. that is why i say it is a sad day for the senate. also a sad day for america. >> the majority leader. >> illegally appointed. why did president obama recess appoint mr. cordrey and other members? we count cordrey as 571 days. elizabeth warren set up the program. they said no chance. these are cadel tears -- you have reason supplem
and talking about revolution. the loaded gun, a clear violation of d.c. law and last night u.s. park police went to his home and raided that home in herndon, virginia. we spoke to his roommate and film producer daryl young last night. >> all they're doing is throwing more gasoline on the fire. i place add few phone calls -- placed a few phone calls. the word is nationwide right now. it's just the beginning. >> reporter: it is still unclear what if anything was seized from his herndon home. and we don't know yet if adam kokesh will face any charges. however, he has told us he is willing to go to jail to prove a point here. you want to hear much more of what he has to say. we had adam kokesh live on our broadcast monday. i'll share a little bit of what he had to say coming up in the next half-hour. back to you, mike, andrea. >> delia goncalves live at freedom plaza in northwest washington. >>> d.c. police say they do not know yet exactly how michael kingsbury died. officers found the 7-year-old boy's body monday night inside a locked car near his home in northeast washington. the car was righ
ground law applies to the case. >>> the search for a missing 11-year-old with autism ended tragically with his body found and a relative arrested. he's been missing for days. the search brought out nearly 1,000 volunteers. his stepbrother was one of the last to see him. police are not confirming if the stepbrother is the one arrested or how he died, but his body was found in a shallow grave. >>> the search is on for a 21-month-old girl taken from a car. she went missing wednesday morning outside a supermarket outside oakland. his father left her in the car with an adult family member that is disabled. when he came back, the adult was in the car, the child was gone. >>> the aftermath of the deadly train explosion in quebec clear in these pictures. this is what the area looks like now. the death toll continues to rise. 20 people confirmed dead with 30 missing. as we report, residents there want answers. >> reporter: under tight security, the man in charge of the company that owns the run away train finally confronted an angry community now at the center of one of the worst rail disaster
on employees, you'll get kicked out from the bart system for up to a year. >> a new law went in two years ago to crackdown on unruly passengers. you could assault passengers -- the transit agency spent 100,000 a day to charge for service across the bay. they lost father revenues. they saved on employee costs and wages, it cost the agency $3.9 million. >>> we have new information about a has mat scare at stanford university. they received a call just before 8:30 last night. ten gallons of meth fall filled in a building on panama mall. no one was injured. students and faculty were told to avoid the facility. it was cleaned up in a few hours. >>> a fire station is it set to close on monday. the firefighters are stretched too thin. it's scheduled to close due to budget cuts. tea the fourth station to close in the county this year. resources are dangerously low. they're asking cost a county officials. they can barely get to them all. >> we had to stop responding to certain level of medical calls. it was to the point there were hours where a whole section of the community had no fire coverage. >> a
bypassing lower courts. they say only the supreme court has the power to change federal law dealing with court surveillance orders. a secret federal court improperly authorized this. >>> furloughs for thousands of workers are about to begin. who is getting a raise because of the cuts. >>> and you heard the jokes about how long twinkies can survive? we have a definitive answer tonight about their shelf life. >>> and back here right after the break, there are clouds out there now, but high clouds will move in the area. the five day forecast with the weekend in view back here after the break. . >>> summer furloughs began today for u.s. defense workers including 57,000 right here in california. but not everyone on the payroll is suffering a forced pay cut. we hear about the situation for colleagues overseas. >>> the pentagon is giving injure mans working at american military bases overseas a pay raise and at the same time orders here at home, workers are facing a 20% pay cut. this is a furloughed firefighters at an ohio air force base. he worries what happens in an emergency. >> we have
under u.s. law aid has to be withdrawn. the united states faces a diplomatic dilemma. >> whether or not cutting off the aid at this point would deepen the crisis and send egypt into a further meltdown. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is leading calls for the white house to use aid as a lever to force egypt towards free and fair elections. but a policy expert, his new book examines the waves of change sweeping the middle east says egypt's future will be determined by egyptians. >> the u.s.'s role is minimal, but the biggest thing for the u.s. is to avoid having egypt turn into a failed state in the mid. civil war. that's the worst of all options. >> reporter: for egypt a turbulence transition towards an uncertain future. and finding an interim leader is just the first step on what could be a months long road towards elections. live on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. >> new questions about government secrecy after pentagon files on the osama bin laden raid were secretly removed or moved to the cia. that move was order by the top u.s. special operations commander. pla
on a compensation survey of other large law enforcement agencies like san francisco and oakland police. the state is required to do this each year to keep chp salaries on par. >>> police say a gang of thugs went on a stealing and beating rampage on a san francisco street. kpix5's joe vazquez shows us what they were apparently after. but we have to warn you, some of the surveillance video may be tough to watch. >>reporter: it happened just after closing time outside the mit careo key lounge. the propry tore didn't want to go on camera, but shows us a surveillance video that shows four. dpl there are three men and a woman. >>reporter: a gang of robbers. in fact, it's the woman that strikes first, ripping a purse right off the victim's shoulder. >> she hit her, she grabbed the purse and just threw her on the ground. and that time she was still okay until he come and kicked her. >>reporter: and what's certainly disturbing is you see the video, the suspect who's seen kicking her in the face, he actually is walking away, turns around, comes back, and then kicks her so violently in the face it snaps
is rosa brooks, she's a professor at georgetown law. she's a seen yonior fellow at tw america foundation. professor brooks, thanks very much for being here tonight. it's nice to see you, rosa. >> good to see you, rachel. >> judge kessler says there is an individual who does have the authority to address this issue, in describing president obama. do you think that she is right in that? >> oh, absolutely. president obama is the commander in chief. it's the executive branch that's made a decision to resort to force feeding of detainees at guantanamo, and if president obama is extremely unhappy at that state of affairs, he can certainly change it. >> in terms of the controversy surrounding this issue, obviously the judge is moved by the prisoners' pleas that this is something that is both demeaning and cruel. is there legal clarity on the issue of whether or not this is the appropriate policy, whether or not this is something doctors legally can do and this is something prisons ought to do? >> no, there isn't. there's a substantial difference of opinion, and i'm not entirely unsympathetic to
. and our laws prevent us from sending non-humanitarian aid to governments that result from military coups. some american lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have recently called for the suspension of u.s. aid to egypt so it's a big mess. and greg palkot is on it live for us tonight. greg, egypt's interim government also made some big political moves today. >> yeah, shep. it was some big political news delivered quicker than expected, we are told, maybe to calm down some nervous people here. the interim president here mansoor naming new prime minister, an economist, a former finance minister, a good credential for a country in bad economic shape. he also named former u.n. nuclear watchdog interim vice president and claimed islamists would be included in the cabinet as well. this as the man really in charge of things here, the head of the military, general abdel -- went on tv to tell the egyptians the steps to transition are clear. he was referring to the now handover of power to a democratically elected civilian rule that can -- that include elections by early next year. he also told fox
to speak of peace or world law or world disarmament and it will be useless until the leaders of the soviet union and adopt a more enlightened attitude. i hope they do. i believe we can help them to do it, but i also believe that we must reexamine our own attitudes as individuals and as a nation. for our attitude is as essential as there's. this is a language presidents don't use, calling on americans to reexamine our own attitudes. at the height of the cold war and with regard to what was viewed as the mortal enemy to the death over the future of the planet, the soviet union. first examine our attitude toward peace itself, he says. to many of us think it impossible. to many think it unreel, but that is a dangerous defeatist belief. it leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. you heard it. we need not accept that view. our problems are man-made, therefore they can be solved by man. kennedy goes on in essence with one underlying motif. we are dealing with human beings on the other side. they are not crazy. they a
for the employer mandate portion and the healthcare law. last week, the treasury department announced the reporting requirements and tax in 2015s would apply instead of 2014. the senate agriculture committee . the committee will examine how the government reviews foreign acquisitions of u.s. companies. >> he testified before a house foreign affairs subcommittee for a little bit more than 1.5 hours. >> the subcommittee will come to order. after recognizing myself and the for five minutes each for opening statements, i will recognize members seeking recognition for one minute. we will then fear -- we will then hear from our witnesses. your written statements will be made as part of the record and members may have five days to insert statements and questions for the record subject to the implementation in the rules. our parties are having their conferences right now and they are getting out. i am sure people will be filtering in. the chair recognizes herself for five minutes. the stabilization and reconstruction operations in iraq were the largest such project of its kind. and therewidespread was an u
. i propose and signed into law the elimination of dozens of federal programs and cuts even more that are either duplicate, not working, or no longer needed. taxpayers deserve the biggest bang for their buck, especially at a time when budgets are tight and we have to do more with less. now anyone can visit to see your taxpayer received. a little reseat that tells you how and where your tax dollars are being spent. the first time in history we have opened up huge amounts of government data to the american people and have put it on the internet for free. search and you can down load more than 75 datasets. data on everything from what different hospitals charge for different procedures, credit card complaints and weather and climate measurements. business owners are now using that data, the people's data, to create jobs and solve problems that government cannot solve by itself or cannot do as efficiently. that hasis a company used open government data on general energy trends and whether to help family save more than $300 million on energy bills. founded by toy emerge
's doing with obamacare. they are just going to sort of pick and choose which laws they want to enforce, whether or not they have the statutory authority to do that, and so if we pass immigration reform bill, he says, what's to guarantee they are not just going to completely ignore and override whatever parts of it they don't like? i think that makes it harder for the house to act, makes it harder this wednesday when the republican conference meets to discuss the issue, and makes it harder for republicans to unite around the bill of anything that's remotely compatible than what passed the senate which is going to make the issue trickier going forward. dagen: makes for an interesting summer, we know that. david, great to see you, thank you so much. come back very soon. >> thanks so much. dagen: be well. connell: stock market rallies, and another edition of "stocks now," we welcome in mark, and we are focusing on dell, a stock up in today's market, and the news here is that michael dell's attempts to make the company private got a boost, iss now behind that. how do you think this ends up
letters. there are a couple of good repositories. the first law would take a look at is the u.s. army military history institute which is in carlisle pennsylvania. it is adjacent to the army war college. it is the place where an official records -- official records go to the national archives. letters, diaries, and the like. your dad's trove would fit perfectly in there. among other things, they organize their archives by a unit. so your dad's letters would be with the seventh armored division. other letters and diaries and so on from the seventh armored division. that sort of stuff, frankly, for a historian like me, is absolutely invaluable. so i would encourage you to put at least copies of them there. if you have a pretty good website, u.s. army military institute in carlisle, pennsylvania, part of the army history and education center. you can find them and see how to get in touch with them. >> host: unfortunately we are out of time. here is a picture. we did not get to somebody else beecher in your book. they're is a picture of her on the front lines. and as well, that is the e h
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